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Crossfit Coach

“Free spirit”

There is no box that can contain this man, but yet he can adapt to every box he wants and his biggest strength: He even fits in boxes he did not even know he had, talking about ‘thinking outside of the box’. He loves to just move around literally and mixes all kinds of sports.

Jay has been coaching for over 10 years but is not afraid of still learning and developing his coaching skills. If you get coached by Jay you better prepare for a nickname because he already got one ready for you before you step into the room.


Crossfit Coach

Nicknames: “energizer bunny”, “Brennie”, “Vandy”

with Brenda you have no choice but get swept away by a powerful snowball of energy, enthusiasm and passion. She has it in abundance and will literally lose her voice spurring her students on (true story)

From the first moment you are in her classes you will know; this is the real deal. Whatever qualities you would want in a coach she has. And I’m not talking about her credentials like being an ex-gymnast or going to the Crossfit Games ( she has those too) You’ĺl find a coach who truly cares and who is capable to teach you about proper movement and technique no matter your level.

She brings it every f-ing class (pardon the French) and she’s been doing so for over a decade. Fiercely loyal and focussed; there are no off-days with her, and pretty soon she’ll have you striving for more too!