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Services we offer
at stoked

The STOKED curriculum

We offer programs curated on effectiveness and efficiency. Everything we do at Stoked is centred around the philosophy of CrossFit. All our classes are geared towards improving performance and are challenging in their own way. Whether it is working on your lifts or skills in weightlifting and gymnastics, or working on your strength & mobility to stay injury free and move better.

Programmed by STOKED

We additionally offer courses and workshops to deepdive into a broad range of subjects to keep triggering the curiosity of our students. We aspire to be your source of information for everything movement. All services are personally programmed according to our vision. There is always space for asking our coaches for personal questions and advice.

We are here to help you in your journey, keeping you safe and mostly feel STOKED about your progress and development.

Some small decisions in life can have huge impact. Make this your next one.