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Women's strength

Amsterdam’s first strength & mobility workout for women. Your workout to become your strongest self. 

At STOKED we strive to work with experts in their fields. That’s why we are proud to collaborate with CORESET AMSTERDAM. Coreset amsterdam provides high quality women’s strength and prenatal & postnatal training.

A supportive and empowering environment for women

Strength training for women

Our unique 60 minute total body workout helps you unlock your athletic potential while building your best body ever. This class is centered around 6 foundational lifts: hip thrust, chin-up, deadlift, squat, (bench) press & millitary press.
Based on the Strong lifting principles from Bret Contreras it is a blend of powerlifting and bodybuilding elements mixed with Franziska’s own mobility method.

We cater to all levels of fitness from beginners to Powerlifters and CrossFitters. We are results focused, with some cheeky fun weaved into the process.

Strength training for women is for all fitness levels

‘Coreset’ is a lifestyle.
Coreset strength is a strength and pre- and post natal program. Our total body workouts are dedicated to getting you results without fad diets, detoxes or gimmicks.

Our workouts cater to women in the transition to motherhood and help you train for birth and rehabilitation after giving birth.
Coreset is Amsterdam’s first strength & mobility workout for women. A highly effective full body workout catering to all levels of fitness. Unlock your athletic potential. Maximise aesthetics and build your best body ever.

Technique: 8/10
Intensity: 9/10
Brain: 10/10

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