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We are STOKED. THE gym in Amsterdam if you are looking for quality coaching. We are the first gym located on popular new Oostenburg island. We are also unlike any gym in Amsterdam you are used to. Let us explain why.

School of movement

We liken our gym in Amsterdam East like a school of movement. You will learn functional movement patterns like squat, hinge, pull, push, throw, jump, invert and more. Explore what you are capable of. Let STOKED guide you. Our curated curriculum of classes are equally effective as they are addictive. e help students achieve sustainable and lasting results. Feel strong AF and move like a ninja.

about stoked
about stoked

Have fun training &
look and feel your best


Our true gift to our students however, is that we help make working out and more movement part of their lifestyle. Going to the gym should not be a boring check-the-box thing. Our philosophy to health and fitness doesn’t focus blindly on aesthetic goals or losing centimetres around your waist. Those results are merely welcome by-products of the process. Get a black belt in movement, one that benefits you in all aspects of your life. Whether that means running a 10k run, climbing a mountain and playing football with your grandchildren. STOKED is geared towards making you feel at home and be an enriching experience, so that 10 or 20 years from now you are still enjoying your fitness journey, moving well and feeling great.

Our Vision

Exploring the limits of our potential is our North Star. It’s what we tenaciously yet vulnerably pursue. We coach students to master movement, technique & skill.
Our classes and offerings are geared to increase performance. We set audacious goals & find great joy in the attempt. Our growth mindset results in benefits that go beyond the wall of the gym. Giving us transferable skills that improve our quality-of-life.

Get STOKED with us and together let’s build a new standard.

Our Story

The founders of STOKED are Brenda van Zaanen-Koolhaas and Jay van het Nederend. They met  over 10 years ago in a CrossFit box when they were relatively new to the sport. It was their shared love for the sport that quickly made them community friends.

Their first big event was the European Regionals 2013 in Copenhagen: Jay volunteered as Judge while Brenda competed for her first big competition. After this experience they both knew that CrossFit was going to play a central part of their professional lives.

about stoked
about stoked

A decade of experience

Over the past decade they both pursued their careers as athletes, coaches, head coaches to eventual box-and affiliate owners. Brenda and Jay ran the 3 Vondelgym affiliates in Amsterdam side-by-side for over 7 years.

After many adventures at Regionals and even Crossfit Games putting their Skin in the Game, they felt now was the perfect time to put their shared vision and experience to use and create their very own brand.

We are Stoked and welcome you to join and BUILD YOUR NEW STANDARD.

We are Stoked and welcome you to join