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STOKED mobility Classes

Why Mobility Classes

We believe that to reach your full potential (or at least come closer) you need to prioritize your range of motion (ROM) development. Our mobility classes do just that. Weather as a singular program or as supplement in support of a sport, We work on your active range of motion by using various stretching methods, protocols and exercises.

Mobility is: "Move with grace & ease"

Mobility is: "Move with grace & ease"


creates freedom

Counterbalance lifestyle elements like lots of chair sitting, desk work and lack of overhead shoulder action that over time limit your ROM. Reclaim mobility in shoulders, hips and spine and move freely.

Mobility is ‘Move with grace and ease’

Each session will have either an upper or lower body focus. This approach allows us to fully address target areas. This class is both safe and effective. Our coaches have years of experience coaching mobility and are looking forward to taking you to the next level. Make our mobility program part of your daily or weekly routine and start today.

Technique: 7/10
Intensity: 4/10
Brain: 8/10

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