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Crossfit Conditioning

Your foundation for performance


It’s important to realise all human efforts are built on a foundation of aerobic capacity. Even if your sport is power based, it therefore behoves you to not neglect your aerobic base. With this conditioning class we train all three gears that fuel your output.

We’ll get you breathing hard, sweat and empty your mind. Go beyond your thoughts, 3,2,1:GO and give it your all. With CrossFit conditioning you enhance your aerobic capacity, boost your mood and have fun doing it!


Weapons: everything &
the kitchen sink
Movements: complex,
upside down and inside out

What to expect

Stoked CrossFit conditioning class will deliver time and again! The goal of this class is to improve your stamina & cardiovascular endurance. We achieve this by effectively programming cardio machines combined with basic CrossFit movements. The learning curve is kept to a minimum due to the absence of barbells.

Each Class has a short warm-up which includes a run-down of the workout. Workouts can be individually scaled in intensity and vary from long-distance to interval sprints. You will learn a ton about pacing & different zones of intensity.

Jump in and let's tune your engine.

Jump in and lets Tune your Engine.

Technique: 5/10
Intensity: 10/10
Brain: 5/10

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Looking for a workout that’s fun, challenging, and will help you get in shape? Check out our Crossfit classes at Stoked Community in Amsterdam! Our highly skilled and experienced coaches will help you learn proper technique and execute functional movements that will improve your overall fitness. And because we believe that working out should be enjoyable, we make sure our classes are always high energy and engaging. So come on by and see what all the fuss is about! We guarantee you’ll have a great time.

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